Introductory to Songwriting Course

Are you an aspiring songwriter who would like to improve your understanding of the musicianship of songwriting. Do you find yourself getting stuck with a great idea that just seems to go nowhere, or perhaps you would simply like to get some fresh inspiration for your songwriting practices. This six week introductory to songwriting workshop aims to explore the basic elements of contemporary songwriting.

With a focus on fundamental concepts, including composition, arrangement and structure, the theory of melody, harmony and rhythm, the diatonic scale and chord systems, and the circle of 5ths. The task based framework covers creative and conceptual development, song analysis, lyric writing and styles, melodic and harmonic construction, chord progression, composition and form.

Each week will include collaborative and individual exercises and tasks to be shared within the group. This course aims to provide a framework for musicians and songwriters looking to improve songwriting ability and develop effective writing skills. Rediscover a new approach to your songwriting methods.

Introductory Songwriting Course

Course Commences: Tuesday 19th June, 2018
Time: 7.00 - 9.00pm
Duration: 2 hours
Number of sessions: 6

Price: $160.00
Number of seats available: 6


  • Conceptual Development - Brainstorming and plotting a song.
  • Composition and arrangement.
  • Songwriting styles and genres
  • Lyrical development and approaches to songwriting
  • Composition of melody and harmony
  • How to use rhythm.
  • Song analysis
  • Creative writing

Each Week there will be practical exercises and you will complete at least one new original song during the course. Although there are no prerequisites to enroll in the songwriting course it is strongly recommended that students have a basic understanding of major and minor scale construction as well as the diatonic chord system. If you have any queries and would like some information please contact Kat.

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Classes handouts are supplied but you may bring a pen and please wear something comfortable. Refreshments and water is supplied.

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Courses are conducted at:

KATZMUSIC Studio, 464a Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick.

KATZMUSIC can be accessed by the 216, 219 and 220 bus, the No.67 tram and the Sandringham train line.