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Katzmusic, located in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Elsternwick, has been providing music classes since 2006. We offer a range of classes including vocal and instrumental classes, music theory and songwriting courses, vocal and performance workshops. Our friendly, professional teachers have a passion for teaching music, and have many years of qualified training and professional industry experience. We offer a range of instrumental and vocal tuition including piano, guitar, drums, violin, bass guitar and bodhran classes. We understand the importance of developing confidence and technique, and we endevour to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to create a truly inspiring learning space.


Katzmusic understands the importance of developing confidence and technique. We endevour to create a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere to inspire a comfortable, creative learning space. Our friendly, professional teachers are passionate about teaching music to the highest standard.

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AMEB - Australian Music Examinations Board

The AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) is a national body with the purpose of providing graded assessment of music study. The board provides syllabuses for a wide range of musical instruments including vocal and music theory. It aims to create a standard of performance and assessment. Students undergoing this course may qualify to sit AMEB examinations at the given level of music theory tuition upon completion of the 10 weeks.


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Our Policies


A free TOPIC assessment class is available to new students who contact Katzmusic. This is an introduction class to determine the following:

To find out about you. Why you would like to do TOPIC lessons. What are your goals, aims and objectives. What is your previous experience. How you plan to develop your music.

To find out about about KATZMUSIC. To meet your TOPIC teacher. How Katzmusic can further your musical experience and knowledge.

All new students are required to complete an application form, a technical TOPIC assessment and a written music theory assessment. It doesn't matter what level of technical ability or music theory you have, you may have a lot or just a little but our purpose is to assess your level so that we know where to start, so please don't be intimidated by the idea.


New students have the option to begin with a free assessment class. After that students are required to choose a fee schedule, and fees are paid in advance. Please check the price schedule of your selected instrument for current fee schedules. Students who do not wish to pay in advance will be charged at the basic/casual rate. Please note that casual classes will not be available during peak times (after 4pm).

Discounts apply for TOPIC classes paid in advance so please check the price table for a detailed account of prices and potential savings.

Prices vary according to the fee schedule. There is a basic rate for all TOPIC classes, this is the casual classes rate. Casual rates will apply if you don't wish to pay in advance. Discounts apply for advance payments.

Special consideration including discounted prices are available for people who have special circumstances,to discuss this further contact Kat on 9530 0984 or 0425 788 252.


No cancellation fee applies if a short notice cancellation is required. Short notice cancellations must be made no less than 8 hours before the lesson commences. It is required that students who choose to pay in advance have the specified number of lessons within that period, for example if you pay 4 weeks in advance those lessons must be had within that period. If lessons need to be cancelled they can be re-scheduled within that time. Every effort will be made by KATZMUSIC to re-schedule lesson when required, if a student cannot reschedule a lesson at any of the times offered by the teacher the fee for that lesson is non-refundable.

Fee's will be due at the end of the choosen fee schedule, lessons which are in lieu may be negotiated at the teachers discretion.

Eight and ten week fee schedules are strickly subject to the above policy.

Fees for classes cancelled within 4 hours of lesson commencement or without proper notice are non-refundable.

Special consideration will be applied for reasonable unforeseen circumstances.